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As a high performance board bending metal form machine, MILAN brand electro-hydro synchronized CNC press brakes provides widely industrial applications in aviation, shipbuilding, railway,electrics, mine,engineering mechanics, metallurgy, automotive, agricultural mechanics, light industry, instruments and machine tools that Sheet Metal forming process lies. When slide block accomplished a stroke up & down the metal board was formed into a certain geometric shape and come along to become a more complicated cross section by multiple presses or using variable moulds.
* The whole machine bed welding structure and whole machining structure guaranteed its high rigidity and its high accuracy.
* The close loop control consists of Electro-hydrau servo valves and encoder.
* The repeatability of sliding block is ±0.01mm.
* The worktable is with auto-hydraulic distortion compensation device.
* The tilting Wedge style clamping system of upper mould provides high accuracy and quick mould changing.

* The hydraulic system is electro-hydro proportional servo control that introduced from HOERBIGER Germany.
* The standard configured control axis 4+1 and Y1,Y2,XR+V compensation(except for 40T model)
* Standard configured with upper & lower mould one set each.

Be configured with world level CNC controller DELEM DA-56(Standard)/ DA-65W/ DA-66W/ DA-69W.
Features of DELEM DA-56 CNC controller:
Self-learning bending correction database and free setup of material characteristics that provide high efficient user's setting and easy programming experience.
With basic control axis Y1-Y2-X and optional R/Z or X2 axis and be configured with worktable distortion compensation and main pressure controlling (Standard).
* Datum programming
* Worktable deflection compensation controlling
* Electro-hydro synchronous control
* Sophisticated Y axis control computation that allows either closed-loop valve controlling and open-loop valve controlling
* 10.4TFT LCD colored display.
* 500MHZ processor
* 128M storage capacity
* Min products storage capacity 32MB
* Moulds warehouse for up to 30 upper moulds & 60 lower moulds
* Datum storage and restoration via USB
* Program memory is unaffected by loss of power or outside electrical influences.
Optional NC axis:
* 4+1 axis Y1,Y2,X,R+V
* 6+1 axis Y1,Y2,X,R.Z1,Z2+V
* 8+1 axis Y1,Y2,X1,X2,R1,R2.Z1,Z2+V
* 10+1 axis Y1,Y2,X1,X2,R1,R2.Z1,Z2,F,H+V
* Upper mould hydraulic clamping system
* Mechanic Deflection Compensation
* HOERBIGER hydraulic system from Germany
* Smart clamp from Italy TOOLSPRESS
* Infrared ray auto protect device
* Safety cover
* Automatic follow front support device
* KUMA robot
* Special mould
* Tandem Press Brake and customized machine

WM series CNC hydraulic press brake
WM series CNC hydraulic press brake has two hydraulic cylinders with electro hydraulic servo valve.Deflection can be compensated by hydraulic vaulted back-off system.Backgauge mechanism can control several backgauge axes.Its frame is welded with steel plate and is treated with annealing.Hydraulic system adopts integrated control system and imported ring seals.It has a beautiful and simple contour.CNC system uses DA56W/DA65W/66W system with Chinese manu made in delem company of Holland. It can also be equipped with mould fixture according to customer's requirement.
(1)The chart of force for bending plate

(2)Machine specification

Before -sale service:
Be customer's brain man and assistant, make sure the customer is richly rewarded after his investment. Our before sale services as belows:
* Select best machine model
* Design machining process according to customer's requests.
* Training operators and technicians for customer
* Provide consultation for difficult,special and new technical problems and provide best solutions.
During service:
Respect customer: make him at ease and relaxed ,give him a pleasant surprise in order to promote his overall value.
* Visiting customer's processing site, assist customer to design the processing place ,such as layout, equipment, water , electricity and air resources required by the equipment. Provide the whole set of metal sheet machining solution and operation manual for equipments.
* We provide "door to door " service for VIP or vital customers.
After sales service:
Promote customer's overall value, make customer totally trouble-free.
* Assist customer to design the the first construction plan
* On site installation service
* Free maintenance service (Under Warranty)
* 24-hour hotline service
* Remote issue diagnosis and support services
* 4-48 hours to reach the site(According to different area)
* Fast, active, on-site trouble shooting , continuous work
* Technical training
* Lifelong maintenance
(1)Cylinder's compensation
Compensation via multi-cylinders, which are put inside the working table. This system is controlled by CNC and works automatically and conveniently based on the powerful expert software.

(2)Deflection compensation
To ensure the bending angle tolerance within +/- 0.5°
Mechanical compensation works through precision wedges, which moves under CNC. This system can make the perfect crowning curves to match the ram deflection well, so that reach the precise bending.
Motorized and manual types are available.

(3)Principle of Synchronized close--loop

Uses the advanced electro-hydraulic synchronization technology, the Y1~Y2 axis are the 2 cylinder independence movement parameter which is controlled by numerical control systems . Install two Hyde grating ruler on both sides of the machine tool, they are used for to determine the accurate distance between the slide and work table. The grating ruler (C shape frame) connects the work table through the small rack, which maximally eliminates the influence to the slide position caused by column deformation . When slide is moving, the data is reflected immediately to the numerical control system, then it may calculate and out put servo valve control signal S1~S2, to control two electro-hydraulic servo valve's output flow and make two oil cylinder synchronous,this position measurement process is a closed loop control.

Quick release clamps Pneumatic tool clamping Hydraulic tool clamping Power crowning clamp Manual crowning

* Sheet following arm

* Angel measurement

* Front laser protection

(1)Standard accessories
* European-style top tool holders with wedges
* Sectioned (goose neck) punch and multi-vee die block (all tooling precisely standard)
* Hand operation console with double foot-switch
* Electrically- interlocked side and rear guards
(2)Optional accessories
* Manual or power-driven (CNC) crowning tables
* Top tool manual quick-release clamps
* Hydraulic tool clamping systems
* Special tooling for customer applications
Such as :Special profile top and bottom tools
Single-V dies with table adapters
* Front light guards or front laser protection for enhanced safety.


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